Vol. 2 Ch. 8 (Honey Come Honey) - MangaDex


Everyone thinks that sweet little Mitsu is a fragile young girl but she's much more than that. Kumagaya-kun on the other hand... is a tall and scary looking person. Turns out he's a sensitive boy and makes cute stuffed animals that she loves. Despite her friends advice to stay away from him, she still wants to get close to him...


  1. Posted by mochis_, — Reply

    bruh why does everyone ask the name when it's LITERALLY IN THE DESCRIPTION

  2. Posted by mochis_, — Reply

    also why is he so long

  3. Posted by michellecrasto35, — Reply

    Why did the guy with hoodie (for a moment) reminded me of a sausage??? 🌭

  4. Posted by marbarboo, — Reply


  5. Posted by honestcriminal, — Reply

    why does he look like a worm

  6. Posted by taypatric2, — Reply


  7. Posted by putrizhr02, — Reply

    Honey come honey

  8. Posted by theyseeme_rollin, — Reply

    Hani kamu Hani?

  9. Posted by theyseeme_rollin, — Reply

    Mai dikku isu bigu Mai dikku isu beri bigu

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